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Mustang Baseball Season Highlights

Thursday, June 15th
M&M Bank 10, Dupree Heating 0
Highland Plumbing 15, H&H Roofing 5
Ace Builders 16, Walsh Tree Service 6
Dock Rotz 13, Feece Oil Co 9

Tuesday, June 13th
Fred C. Dames Funeral Home 11,
Proserv 6

Rotary Club 13, Roberts Farm 3
Hits for Rotary Club-10 Ty Couch, Hayden Joyce, Arian Osmani, all with 1 hit, Kevin Bisbee 3 Hits, Nick Forillo 2 Hits, Billy Cook 2 Hits. Kevin Bisbee with 4SB, Nick Forillo with 3SB, Billy Cook with 3SB, Nathan Mitchell with 2SB, Arian Osmani with 2SB. Hits for Roberts Farm-3 Roberts with 1, Volk with 2. Pitching for Rotary Club- Kevin Bisbee 2 innings 6k's for the win, Marco Caldera 1 inning, Nathan Mitchell 1 inning 2k's.

Monday, June 12th
The Voyager Group Mean Machine 20, Feece Oil Co. 9
Diversified Management 10, Rockdale Automotive 9

Bedinger's Bullpen 18, Interstate Batteries 5
The Bullpen were led by AJ Frescura, Tyler Gestel, Lincoln Sullivan and Gage Robles who all had 2 hits. Braiden Bedinger, Griffin Hall, Jackson Foster, James Cochran and Toronto Kiedrow all added one hit each. Pitching for The Bullpen were Bedinger and Robles. For Interstate Blake Holden had 2 hits and Chase Nurczyk had one.

Rotary Club 12, Dupree Heating 0
Hits for Rotary Club- 13- Nathan Mitchell, Billy Cook, Ricky Korczak, Caleb King, Jeremy McPherson all with 1 hit each... Ty Couch, Kevin Bisbee, Nick Forillo, Hayden Joyce all with 2 hits each. Hits for Dupree Heating-1 Paulson. Pitching for Rotary Club- Kevin Bisbee 1 inning 2k's, Hayden Joyce 1 inning 3K's, Ricky Korczak 1 inning 1k, Nick Forillo 1 Inning 2K's.

Sunday, June 11th
Fred C Dames Funeral Home 17, Voyager Group 13
Ace Builders 19, Roberts Farms 18

Saturday, June 10th
M&M Bank 7, Rockdale Auto 3
Santanna Energy Services 17, ProServ 12
H & H Roofing 14, Diversified Management 10
Walsh Tree Service 9, Rotary Club 6
Roberts Farms 12, Troutman Excavating 2
Bedinger's Bullpen 16, Ace Builders 13

Dupree Heating 8, Feece Oil 7
Greg Spatz hit his first out of the park HR, and Matthew Rogers and Thomas Piotrowski pitched lights out over the last 4 innings, fanning 12. It was a very competitive, well played game by both clubs.

Channahon Tractor 15, Interstate Battery 13
Interstate's defense was solid all game. Channahon Tractor pitchers held Interstate to only 4 hits. Michael Kuchar pitched two scoreless innings with (4) strikeouts. Interstate was led by Hunter Ratliff with 2 hits. Tractor had several multi-hit players including 3 hits each by: Ben Meller, Mason Lee, and Ryan Veleker. What a game for Meller! Ben Meller was 3 for 3 with (2) HR's and (1) triple!!

Friday, June 9th
Highland Plumbing 18, Parlay Mortgage 8
For Highland, Highland had 2 hits and Marroquin had a double. For Parlay, Thompson had 2 hits including a double.

Thursday, June 8th
Walsh Tree Service 20, Roberts Farm 10
Feece Oil Co 8, Ritchey Orthodontics 7
Fred C. Dames Funeral Home 14, H&H Roofing 4

Wednesday, June 7th
Santanna Energy Services 11, Rockdale Automotive 3
M & M Bank 15, Proserv 10
Ace Builders 9, Troutman Excavating 5

Dupree Heating (Orioles) 14, Parlay Mortgage 1
The Orioles hit and pitched well on their way to their 3rd win in 4 games. The Orioles pitching did not allow a hit in 4 innings, fanning 12 batters, and walking 2, led by Greg Spatz Jr., Thomas Piotrowski, and Matthew Rogers. Cameron Paulson led the way with the bat with a 3-run HR (out of the park) and 2-run 2B. Thomas Piotrowski, Matthew Rogers, Reagan Curtis, AJ Battista, and Greg Spatz also batted in runs.

Highland Plumbing 11, Fred C Dames 9
In a time limit game, Elgelbrecht and Kolaski made fantastic catches in the outfield. Yurisich had a double and Marroquin had 2 hits. For Dames. Young had 2 triples and Grevengoed had 3 hits including a double.

Tuesday, June 6th
Interstate Batteries 12, Rotary Club 9

Monday, June 5th
Voyager Group Mean Machine 12,
Diversified Managment 0
Walsh Tree Service 10, ProServe 0

DuPree Heating 8, Highland Plumbing (Crest Hill) 7
Matthew Rogers and Thomas Piotrowski each had 4 strikeout over 2 innings, and Thomas Piotrowski hit a 3 run inside the park HR to lead DuPree Heating to their second win in 3 games.

Bedinger's Bullpen 10, Channahon Tractor 9
Braiden Bedinger and Lincoln Sullivan led the way for the Bullpen with 2 hits each. AJ Frescura, Gage Robles, Tyler Gestel, and Jackson Foster all added one hit. Pitching for the Bullpen were Robles, Frescura, Griffin Hall, and Bedinger. For the Tractor Ben Meller had 3 hits. Kevin Bart added 2 and Garrett Lee and Michael Kuchar had one. Pitching for Tractor were Kuchar, Scheidt, Martin and Meller.

Sunday, June 4th
M&M Bank 13, Fred C. Dames Funeral Home 5

Fred C. Dames Funeral Home 19, Dupree Heating 15
A back and forth game ended up going to a 7th inning to end this epic battle. Great job by both teams.

Saturday, June 3rd
Santanna Energy Services 15, Diversified Management 4
Walsh Tree Service 12, Interstate Batteries 11
ProServ 16, Feece Oil Co 15

DuPree Heating 14, H&H Roofing 1
Matthew Rogers and Reagan Curtis both pitched 2 strong innings and the offense put forward a strong team effort for Dupree Heating's first win.

Rotary Club 15, Ace Builders 10
Hits for the Rotary Club- 17: Ricky Korczak- 1 (1RBI, 1Run), Ty Couch-3 (2RBI, 3Runs, 2SB), Nick Forillo 3 (4RBI, 2Runs, 3SB), Hayden Joyce-2 (1Run, 2SB), Arian Osmani-2 (3RBI, 1 Run, 1SB), Nathan Mitchell-1 (2Runs, 2SB), Billy Cook-2 (2RBI, 3Runs, 2SB), Emilio Gallardo-3 (2RBI, 2runs, 4SB), and Marco Caldera- (2SB). Hitting for Ace Builders- 5 Markee-2, Termanis-2, Yancy 1. Pitching for Rotary Club-Nick Forillo 2 Innings 2K's, Marco Caldera and Emilio Gallardo combining for 1 inning, Hayden Joyce 2 Innings 5k's.

Channahon Tractor 11, Roberts Farm 7
Michael Kuchar led the way with 3 strong scoreless innings pitched. Singer and Meller finished it out. Ben Meller and Kevin Bart had 2 hits a piece. G.Lee, Kuchar and Goocher also contributed with a hit each. Roberts and Kiper both had a hit for Roberts Farm.

Bedinger's Bullpen 13, Troutman Excavating 12
Anthony Cobren, Gage Robles, Braiden Bedinger, and Tyler Gestel led the way for the Bullpen with 2 hits each. AJ Frescura, Griffin Hall, Lincoln Sullivan and Andrew Gritt all added 1 hit. Pitching the win for the Bullpen were AJ Frescura, Gage Robles, Griffin Hall and Braiden Bedinger. For Troutman Kyle Rodak 3 hits led the way. Logan Sirek, Xander Karwat, and Jacob Carr all had 2 hits. Connor Echols added 1 hit.

Friday, June 2nd
The Voyager Group Mean Machine 15, Rockdale Automotive 8

Highland Plumbing 10, Dock Rotz 8
Ryan Yurisich homered for Highland.

Rotary Club 25, Troutman Excavating 14
Hits for the Rotary Club-22 (Season High): Ricky Korczak-1 (2Runs, 2SB), Ty Couch-4 (4RBI 4 Runs 3 SB), Nick Forillo-2 (2RBI 3 Runs 1SB), Hayden Joyce-2 (2RBI 4 Runs), Arian Osmani-3 (5 RBI, 4Runs, 2SB), Nathan Mitchell-1 (1RBI), Bill Cook-3 (4 RBI 2 Runs 3SB), Emilio Gallardo-4 (3RBI, 3Runs, 3SB), and Caleb King-2 (1 RBI 1 Run 2SB). Hits for Troutman-9 Rodak 3, Sirek1, Karwat 2, Carr 2, Kobialko 1. Pitching for Rotary Club- Ty Couch- 2 Innings 6K's, Arian Osmani, Marco Caldera and Emilio Gallardo combined for the other 2 innings

Thursday, June 1st
Santanna Energy Services 14, H&H Roofing 4
Walsh Tree Service 15, Parlay Mortgage 4
Diversified Management 9, Dupree Heating 4

Ace Builders 15, Channahon Tractor 11
Hitting for Ace was Seth Aguirre 3-3, Connor Latta 2-2, Logan Tyree 3-4, Nolan Watson 2-3, Logan Markee, Chase Musser and Thomas Yancey. Pitching the win was Tyree, Markee and Watson. Hitting for Channahon Tractor was Ben Meller 2-3 with an in-the-park home run & triple, Mason Lee 2-2 with a triple, Bart 2-2 with a double, Kuchar 2-4 and Goocher.

Wednesday, May 31st
The Voyager Group Mean Machine 21, M&M Bank 13
Fred C. Dames Funeral Home 8, Rockdale Automotive 6
Interstate Batteries 12, Troutman Excavating 10
Roberts Farms 14, Feece Oil Co 2

Tuesday, May 30th
Rotary Club 15
, Bedingers Bullpen 10
Hits for Rotary Club 12: Ty Couch 2 (2 RBI-4 Runs-5 SB), Kevin Bisbee 3 (3 Doubles- 3 Runs- 4 RBI), Nick Forillo 1 (4 RBI), Hayden Joyce 3 (1 Double- 2 RBI) , Billy Cook 1 (2 RBI), Caleb King 1, Ricky Korczak 1 (2 Runs), Nathan Mitchell (2BB, 1 Run, 4SB). Hits for Bedingers 6: Cobren 2 (2 RBI), Frescura 1 (2 SB), Hall 1 (3 SB), Cochran 1 (2 RBI), Gritt, 1 (1 RBI, 1SB). Pitching highlights for Rotary Club- Kevin Bisbee- 2.1 Innings, 3K- Hayden Joyce- .2 innings, 1K, Nathan Mitchell- 2 innings, 4K's. Pitching highlights for Bedingers: Hall - 2 innings, 5K's, Frescura - 2.1 innings, 4K's.

Highland Plumbing 10, ProServ 8
For Highland, Matthew Jones had a double and Noah Esparza had a hit. For ProServ,Biscup had a triple.

Friday, May 26th
Fred C. Dames Funeral Home 17,
Parlay Mortgage 1

Thursday, May 25th
Santanna Energy Services 13, Roberts Farms 7

Bedinger's Bullpen 17, Diversified Management 5
Griffin Hall led the way for the Bullpen with a 4 hit game. Braiden Bedinger, AJ Frescura, and Tyler Gestel all had 2 hits. Anthony Cobren, Gage Robles, Jackson Foster, Lincoln Sullivan, James Cochran and Andrew Gritt all added 1 hit each. Gage Robles and Braiden Bedinger pitched the win.

Wednesday, May 24th
Voyager Group Mean Machine 10, Interstate Battery 0

Troutman Excavating 11, Walsh Tree Service 10
This was a great game!! It was back and forth for the first 4 innings. Troutman broke it open in the 5th inning and took a 11-6 lead then Walsh came back the bottom of the 6th with 4 runs and had a man on third and just came up short. Great game by both teams.

Ace Builders 17, Dock Rotz 4
Hitting for Ace was Nolan Watson 3-3, Seth Aguirre 3-3, Brady Stout 2-2, Logan Markee 2-3, Mack Termanas and Thomas Yancey. Pitching the win was Connor Latta, Seth Aguirre and Logan Markee.

Rotary Club 9, Roberts Farm 7
Hits Rotary Club- 2 Nick Forillo, 1 Ricky Korczak, 1 Billy Cook, 1 Caleb King
Hits For Roberts Farm- 1 Roberts, 1 Pharo, 1 Holt
The game was tied after the 4th inning 7-7, Rotary club scored 2 runs on a double by Caleb King in the 5th inning. Nathan Mitchell closed out the game for the Rotary club on the mound pitching 2 scoreless innings in the 5th and 6th with 6K's for the win.

Monday, May 22nd
M&M Bank 18, Feece Oil 5
Rockdale Automotive 24, ProServ 15

Channahon Tractor 15, Whiteford H&H Roofing 3
Veleker went 3 for 3 while Meller went 2 for 2 with an in the park Homerun. Bart had 2 hits while G. Lee, Kuchar and Scheidt all added one. Meller, G. Lee and Martin combined to allow 4 hits and 3 runs. Zac, Ryder, Gustavo and Caiden all had hits for H&H Roofing.

Parlay Mortgage 13, Bellacino's Pizza 12
In a rain shortened game, Sam Cernetich, Carson Miller and Lucas Thompson combined to pitch for the victory. Cernetich and Gavin Fox added hits. For Bellacino's, Varner was 3 for 3, and Matzen, Eber and Harris all added 2 hits each.

Sunday, May 21st
M&M Bank 14, Fred Dames Funeral Home 3
Rockdale Automotive 13, Santanna Energy Services 8
Diversified Management 13, H&H Roofing 10

Saturday, May 20th
The Voyager Group Mean Machine 8, H&H Roofing 4
It was a hard fought rain soaked battle by both teams.

Thursday, May 18th
Roberts Farms 16, Interstate Battery 6
Bats were hot for the Kernels, Roberts, Pharo, Holt, Volk, KIper all had multi hit games. Evan Kiper loaded up and hit an in the park HR! Pitching for the Farm was Sergeant ( 2ip, 3k's), Roberts (2ip, 4k's), Volk (2ip, 5k's). Interstate battery hitters were Perez, Holden, Ratliff, Nurczyk, Hargis, Pavey. Pitching for Interstate was Ratliff ( 2ip, 3k's), White (2ip, 3k's), Dewalt ( 1ip), Piccioli ( 2ip, 4k's). Fun game by two good teams!

Channahon Tractor 20, Whiteford DuPree Heating 3
Michael Kuchar and Kevin Bart led the way with six hits and nine RBIs for Channahon Tractor. G. Lee had two hits while M. Lee, Meller and Martin each had one. G. Lee, Kuchar and Martin combined for 7 K's in the outting. Paulson and Pitrowski had hits for DuPree while Battista, Orlando, Curtis and Rogers all took to the bump.

Ace Builders 12, ProServ 1
Hitting for Ace was Brady Stout with an in-the-park home run, Logan Markee 2-2 with a double, Nolan Watson 2-3 with a double, Logan Tyree 2-2, Seth Aguirre and Chase Musser. Pitching the win was Logan Tyree and Logan Markee.

Wednesday, May 17th
Dock Rotz 14, Parlay Mortgage 13
Troutman Excavating 16, H&H Roofing 5

Bedinger's Bullpen 9, Voyager Group 8
The Bullpen wins on a walk off single by Braiden Bedinger scoring Gage Robles. Bedinger, Anthony Cobren, Lincoln Sullivan and Tyler Gestel all had 2 hits for The Bullpen. Robles added 1 hit. A.J. Frescura, Griffin Hall and Bedinger pitched for The Bullpen. Voyager Group had 5 hits and played a great game. It was a great game played by both teams.

Tuesday, May 16th
Walsh Tree Service 18, Feece Oil 8

Interstate Batteries 18, Ace Builders 15
A lot of good hitting and pitching going on throughout this whole game. Ending 1st inning Interstate had 6-3 lead on Ace Builders but they battled back with hits coming from #4 Stout,#12 Tyree,#7 Latta, #34 Watson, #44 Aguirre, #15 Yancey #8 Kezele and #17 Arambasich. With the battle going back and forth, going into the 5th inning it was a tie game at 15-15. Interstate had #24 Santiago, #16 White, and #33 Ratliff on base when #22 Nurczyk came to the plate bringing in 3) RBI's and almost bringing in a in the park home run but called out only inches away from the home plate. This brought Interstate up 18-15. This is when # 24 Nurczyk came to the mound holding Ace Builders with 4 up 4 down in the 5th and 3 up 3 down in the 6th locking in Interstate's Victory. Interstate Batteries had singles from #1 Perez, #18 Holden, #33 Ratliff, #22 Nurczyk, #7 Hargis, and a double from #7 Hargis and the 3 run RBI from #22 Nurczyk. Along with many others from the team making it past home plate. Pitching for Interstate was Hunter Ratliff, Maxwell White, and Chase Nurczyk. What a great and exciting game played by all !!

Monday, May 15th
Rockdale Automotive 12, Diversified Management 1

Rotary Club 13, Fred C Dames Funeral Home 3
Strong Pitching again for the Rotary Club allowing only 3 hits in the contest. Kevin Bisbee pitching 2 innings allowing 1 hit, 2 Runs, 5K's- Nathan Mitchell pitching 2 innings, allowing 2 hits, 1 Run, 5K's. Hitting for the Rotary Club (6 Hits): Kevin Bisbee 2- (HR and a triple), Nick Forillo 2, Marco Caldera-1, Ricky Korczak 1 (double). Hitting for Fred C Dames (3 Hits): Young, Edgar, Hott all with singles.

Highland Plumbing 17, Parlay Mortgage 3
For Highland, Marroquin, Yurisich, Highland and Burkman all had 2 hits. For Parlay, Fox had a hit and scored a run.

Saturday, May 13th
Santanna Energy Services 20,
ProServ 8
Rockdale Automotive 18, Dupree Heating 8
Walsh Tree Service 12, H&H Roofing 1
Interstate Batteries 16, Highland Plumbing 12

Ace Builders 15, The Voyager Group 14
Hitting for Ace was Connor Latta 3-3, Nolan Watson 2-2, Logan Tyree 2-3, Brady Stout 2-3, Mack Termanas 2-3, Seth Aguirre 2-3, Thomas Yancey and Johnny Arambasich. Pitching the win was Logan Tyree, Seth Aguirre, Nolan Watson and Logan Markee.

D'Arcy Motors 10, Parlay Mortgage 9
I in a great battle, Lucas Thompson was 4 for 4. For D'Arcy, Beshoar went 3 for 3.

Rotary Club 18, Diversified Management 2
Hayden Joyce drives in 7 on 3 hits including 2 doubles. Ty Couch earned the win throwing 2 innings allowing 0 runs striking out 5. Rotary Club pitching allows only 1 hit in the contest. Hits for Rotary Club (14): Ty Couch 2 (1 RBI), Kevin Bisbee 2 (2 RBI), Nick Forillo 2 (2 RBI), Hayden Joyce 3 (7 RBI), Arian Osmani 1 (1RBI), Emilio Gallardo 1 (3 RBI), Jeremy McPherson 1 (1 RBI), Bill Cook 2. Pitching for Rotary Club: Ty Couch 2 innings, 0 Runs, 5K, Hayden Joyce 1 Inning, 0 Runs, 3k's, Nick Forillo 1 inning, 2 Runs, 0K. Hits for Diversified: Perricone 1 Hit, Hogan 1 RBI, Wellwerts 1RBI.

Channahon Tractor 11, Minooka Dock Rotz 9
Tied at 9 in the 6th, Mason Lee comes up clutch with a 2 run double to take the lead while Meller comes in for 3 K's to ensure the victory. Mason Lee went 4 for 4 while Meller, G. Lee, Veleker, Kuchar, Martin and Goocher all added hits. M. Lee, Kuchar, Scheidt, Goocher and Meller combined for 12 K's while Colin Singer and Kevin Bart added with some fine defensive plays in the field. Terrazas, Calleros and Jones had hits for Minooka while Calleros, Jones and Fuller combined for 12 k's.

Bedinger's Bullpen 13, M&M Bank 3
Anthony Cobren led the way for the Bullpen with a 3 hit Day. Braiden Bedinger, Jackson Foster,Lincoln Sullivan, Gage Robles, Tyler Gestel and Andrew Gritt all added a hit. Griffin Hall and A.J. Frescura pitched great for the Bullpen. Ryan Sobun, Mike and Issac all had one hit for M&M.

Roberts Farms 7, Fred C. Dames 6
Tight game with good defense and good pitching. Roberts Farms hitters were Brody Roberts (3 doubles), Volk (1b), Pharo ( 1b, 1b) , Loizon (1b), Sergeant (1b). Dominant pitching from Sergeant ( 2-2/3ip, 7k's), Roberts (2-1/3ip,8k's), Loizon (1ip, 0runs). Hitting for Fred C. Dames was Hairold, Crevengoed, Young, Edgar.

Friday, May 12th
Rockdale Automotive 14,
H&H Roofing 2

Troutman Excavating 16, Feece Oil 2
Everyone batting for Troutman recorded hits in this game. Xander Karwat had 3 singles for 4 RBIs, Logan Sirek recorded 2 hits for 2 RBI, Jacob Carr and Nick Kobialko each had 2 RBIs with their singles. Kyle Rodak, Gavin McReynolds, and Nick Wlodek each had singles for RBIs as well. Parkeer Dyxin hit a double. Michael Serra and Erzrah Van Zant hit singles. Pitching for Troutman was Rodak (2IP 4Ks), McReynolds (1IP 1K) and Serra (1IP, 2Ks). Smith (double), Myers (double), Millsaps (single , RBI), Green and Wright with singles were the hitters for Feece, Pitchers for Feece was Smith and Jacknick who combined for 4ks.

Thursday, May 11th
Walsh Tree Service 14, DuPree Heating 4
Voyager Group Mean Machine 6, M&M Bank 5

Interstate Batteries 18, Feece Oil Co. 0
Interstate walked away with the victory after 4 innings. Both teams decided to let the teams play with a final score 23 - 1. Pitching for Interstate was, Ratliff, Nurczyk, Perez, and finished with Figueroa on the mound. Nico Hargis and Hunter Ratliff hit a double, and Blake Holden had a nice triple. Perez, Ratliff, White, Nurczyk, Holden, Hargis, Figueroa, Pavey, and Lundeen all had singles. Minooka's Feece Oil played a great game of ball by everyone. There was a lot of good Fielding by all the players involved on both sides.

Tuesday, May 9th
Ace Builders 11, Diversified Management 0
Hitting for Ace was Logan Tyree, Connor Latta and Mack Termanas. Pitching the win was Brady Stout, Mack Termanas and Nolan Watson.

Roberts Farms 9, Pro Serv 8
Really good game by both teams, excellent pitching by both teams, and some good defense. Roberts Farms stormed back to win it in the bottom of the 6th on a walk off single by Evan Schenck scoring Luke Heap. Also hitting for the Kernels was Sergeant (1b), Roberts(1b), Pharo (3b,1b), KIper (1b). Hitting for Pro Serv was Prosise, Biskup, Hagenbaumer, Porter, Admonis. Pitching the win was Volk ( 1-2/3ip, 3k's,6 runs), Sergeant ( 2-1/3ip, 5k's, zero runs), Loizon (2ip, 4k's, 2 runs). Pitching for Pro serv was Biskup and Prosise.

Bedinger's Bullpen 13, Parlay Mortgage 1
The Bullpen was led by A.J. Frescura, Lincoln Sullivan, and Tyler Gestel all had 2 hits. Braiden Bedinger, Gage Robles, Anthony Cobren, Jackson Foster and Andrew Gritt all added 1 hit. On the mound were Bedinger and Robles for The Bullpen. Thompson had 1 hit for Parlay.

Monday, May 8th
Troutman Excavating 14, Fred C Dames 4
Hitting for Troutman was Karwat (2 singles, 1HR, 2RBI), Van Zant (2 singles, 1 RBI), Echols (2B, RBI), Wlodeck (2B, RBI), Carr (single) McReynolds (single), Dyxin (Single, RBI), Kobialko (2 singles, RBI) Rodak added 2 RBIs. Pitching for Troutman was Sirek (3IP 5Ks) and Karawat (2IP 4Ks). Both pitchers held Dames to 3 hits over the 5 innings played. Hitting for Fred C Dames was Hairald, Young, and Coughlin with singles. Pitching for Dames was Young and Hott.

Sunday, May 7th
Rotary Club 8, Channahon Tractor 5
Rotary Club wins a back and forth affair against Channahon tractor, in an exciting extra inning finish! A defensive GEM turned in by both teams, the game ultimately came down to the Rotary club pitchers allowing only 3 hits in the contest. Highlights of the game include: For the Rotary club: Kevin Bisbee and Nathan Mitchell combining to pitch 6 innings of 1 hit baseball striking out 13 batters. At catching Nick Forillo caught an outstanding game with 2 key putouts at second base keeping the stealing baserunners in check most of the day. At the plate the Rotary club had 8 hits- 2 hits by Kevin Bisbee including the go ahead run in the 7th with a double to center, 2 hits by Ty Couch along with 4 SB; Nick Forillo, Hayden Joyce, Arian Osmani, and Emilio Gallardo all had 1 hit each. Also worth mentioning was a great play by Ricky Korczak at second base in the bottom of the 6th inning, on one of the hardest hit ground balls seen this year to keep the score tied!! For the Tractor’s: The game started out with an unbelievable catch from center fielder Sean Martin and then he followed it up in the second inning with another great catch in Left robbing 2 for sure doubles on the day. Pitching for the tractors was really strong behind Mason Lee- 2 innings, Scheidt- 1 Inning, Kuchar- 2 innings, and Meller 2 Innings, they combined for 10K’ with only 2 BB. Hitting for the Tractors was led by Michael Kuchar with a triple that was just out of the reach of the diving Ty Couch in center field in the bottom of the 4th inning to put the tractor ahead 5-4. Mason Lee had 4 SB and a hit, and Goocher also had a Hit. Both teams really played great baseball, and everyone at the park enjoyed the game!

Roberts Farms 17, Diversified Management 10
Both teams ran the bases well, high scoring game that was back and forth. For the Kernels, Volk was 2-2, Loizon was 1-1, Kiper was 1-2, Holt and Pharo each added a hit. Really nice pitching by Luke Heap and Evan Schenck helped keep the Kernels in it. Hogan and Chiquito pitched well for Diversified. They also chipped in with hits for their team.

Saturday, May 6th
Santanna Energy Services 13, Fred C. Dames Funeral Home 5
Walsh Tree Service 13, Rockdale Automotive 3
Interstate Batteries 14, Parlay Mortgage 3
Morris Grundy Ready Mix 18, Feece Oil Co 3

Ace Builders 13, Highland Plumbing 3
Hitting for Ace was Brady Stout with an in the park home run, Nolan Watson 3-3 with a double, Logan Markee 2-2, Connor Latta 2-3, Seth Aguirre 2-3, Chase Musser, and Thomas Yancey. Pitching the win was Logan Tyree and Connor Latta.

Troutman Excavating 11, Dock Rotz 4
Troutman's Gavin McReynolds and his 2 Run in the park HR was the big highlight in the one. While Xander Karwat's 2 Triples (2RBI) were also something to highlight. Michael Serra (double, 2RBI), Ezrah Van Zant (single, RBI), Nick Kobialko (single, RBI), Kyle Rodak (single), Conor Echols (single), and Jacob Carr (single) all added hits as well. Jones (double, 2RBI) and Miller (single) were the its for Dock Rotz. To go with Troutman's stingy defense pitching in the win was pitching was Zander Karwat, Jacob Carr, and Michael Serra who combined for 12Ks. Pitching for Dock Rotz-Jones and Klemme who combined for 5Ks.

Rotary Club 14, M&M Bank 3
Game Stats: Rotary Club HITS (11): Ty Couch 3, Kevin Bisbee 1, Arian Osmani 2, Nick Forillo 3, Billy Cook 1, Emilio Gallardo 1. M&M HITS (5): Ryan S. 1, Mike R. 2, Josh E. 1, Miguel H. 1. Rotary Club Pitching: Ty Couch winning pitcher 2.2 innings, 1 H, 1 Run, 7K’s Nick Forillo 1.1 innings, 4 H, 2 Runs, 3K’s.

Friday, May 5th
M&M Bank 13, Highland Plumbing 5
Voyager Group Mean Machine 19, DuPree Heating 5

Troutman Excavatiing 13, Roberts Farm 3
Xander Karwat (2 singles 1 RBI) and Jacob Carr (single, double, 3RBI) led Troutman's hitting. Other Troutman hitters were Kyle Rodak (single, RBI), Logan Sirek (Single, RBI) Connor Echols (single, RBI), Michael Serra (single), Nick Kobialko (single), and Ezrah Van Zant (single). Troutman's defense was solid in this one as Robert's Farm, Josh Loizen's reached first off the bat, and Evan Kiper sacrificed for an RBI. Logan Sirek (2IP, 2Ks), Kyle Rodak (2IP, 3Ks) and Gavin McReynolds (1IP, 2Ks) led pitching for Troutman while Aiden Volk (2.5IP, 3Ks), Matthew Sergeant (.5IP, 2KS), and Josh Loizen (2IP) pitched for Robert's.

Channahon Tractor 22, Whiteford ProServ 9
Ben Meller lead the way going 4 for 4 with a GrandSlam over the right field Wall. Garette Lee, Ryan Velecker, Sean Martin, Hunter Scheidt, Jimmy Goocher, and Kevin Bart all had multiple hits. Mason Lee, Garrett Lee, Hunter Scheidt, Jimmy Goocher and Colin Singer combined for 11 K's in the win. Biskup, Simpson and Admonis had hits for ProServe and Prossie, Biskup, Hagenbaumer and Admonis threw for 8 K's.

Thursday, May 4th
Bedinger's Bullpen 16, Interstate Batteries 6
The Bullpen was led by Braiden Bedinger 3 hits. Anthony Cobren, Lincoln Sullivan, Gage Robles all had 2 hits. A.J. Frescura, Griffin Hall, Tyler Gestel, James Cochran and Andrew Gritt all added 1 hit. The Bullpen had a well pitched game by Bedinger, Frescura, Hall and Robles. For Interstate Hunter Ratliff and Blake Holden each had a hit.

Wednesday, May 3rd
Fred C. Dames Funeral Home 8, ProServ 7

Ace Builders 14, Walsh Tree Service 4
Hitting for Ace was Nolan Watson 3-3 with a double, Connor Latta 2-2 and Logan Markee 1-2 with a triple. Brady Stout, Mack Termanas and Seth Aguirre added singles. Nolan Watson and Logan Markee pitched the win. Hitting For Walsh was Boe, Walsh, Regas and Kunkle.

Tuesday, May 2nd
Channahon Tractor LLC 11
, Troutman Excavating 8
Kevin Bart led Tractor with 3 hits and 2 RBI's along with Garrett Lee's 2 hits. Tractor pitchers held Troutman to only two hits: Michael Kuchar (2 IP, 4's, 0 ER), Hunter Scheidt (1 IP, 3 K's, 0 ER), G. Lee and Jimmy Goocher (.01 IP 1 k, 6 ER), Mason Lee (1 IP 2 k's, 2 ER), and Ben Meller (0.2 IP, 1 K, 0 ER). Kyle Rodak and Jacob Carr each had hits for Troutman. Troutman had good pitching from Xander Karwat (1.0 IP 2 k's, 5 ER), Kyle Rodak (2.0 IP, 4 K's, 3 ER), and Michael Serra (2.0 IP 4 k's, 3 ER).

Sunday, April 30th
Walsh Tree Service 11,
Bedinger's Bullpen 3

Saturday, April 29th
Rockdale Automotive 16, Voyager Group 4

Friday, April 28th
ProServ 12, H&H Roofing 12

Santanna Energy Services 14, Highland Plumbing 2
For Santanna Energy, Three pitchers combined for the win allowing 2 hits and striking out 11. Nicholas Ruenzi and Lucas Simulick led Santanna hitting with three hits each. Simulick homered over left field wall. Bret McCarthy, Noah Martinez, and Michael Termine also each had a hit. For Highland Plumbing, Marroquin and Highland pitched a good game striking out 9. Esparsa and Larson each had a hit.

Thursday, April 27th
M&M Bank 11, Dupree Heating 1

Interstate Batteries 18, Walsh Tree Service 16
It was a "Bitter Cold "one for the boys. Pitching for Interstate was Hunter Ratliff #33, #18 Blake Holden, and #16 Maxwell White. Walsh Tree Service had Sample, O'Toole, Kunkle, and Chavez on the mound for them. It was a well-played matchup between both teams and Interstate Batteries did Walk Away with the Victory as the game was called due to the time limit.
Great game played by all !!!

Wednesday, April 26th
Morris Bellacino's 15,
Minooka Feece Co. 5
Santanna Energy Services 11, Diversified Management 9

Troutman Excavating 7, Rotary Club 6
In a back and forth game, Troutman eventually came out the victor. Great hitting, excellent pitching, and even better defense by both teams kept the stands on the edge of their seats to the end. Hitting for Troutman Michael Serra and Nick Kobialko, and Ezrah VanZandt (1RBI) with singles. Xander Karwat (1RBI) hit a double, and the hot bat for Troutman was Jacob Carr 3 singles and 2RBI. Pitching for Troutman was Kyle Rodak (3Ks), Michael Serra (3Ks), Gavin McReynolds, and Xander Karwat. Rotary hitters were Joyce (1RBI) and Forillo (1RBI) with a single and a double each. Couch and Bisbee added singles. Pitching for Rotary was Couch (5Ks), Mitchell (3KS), Joyce (3ks), Forillo (1K), and Gallardo.

Tuesday, April 25th
Voyager Group Mean Machine 15, Highland Plumbing 2

Channahon Tractor LLC 14, Roberts Farm 12
Meller led Tractor with 4 hits followed by G. Lee , Martin, Singer, and Veleker with 2 a piece and Goocher and Schill also contributing. Sergeant, Pharo, Roberts, Volk, Loizon, Holt, Kiper and Schenck all had hits for the Farm. Roberts , Volk and Loizon combined for 7 K's against Tractor where a combined effort of 7 (M. Lee, Scheidt, Veleker, Goocher, Singer, Schill and Meller) hurlers faced the Farm.

Monday, April 24th
Rockdale Automotive 16, Fred C Dames Funeral Home 13
Morris Bellocino's 13, Ritchie's Orthodontics 11

Feece Oil Co. 14, Parlay Mortgage Property 9
Parlay Mortgage put up 6 quick runs in the first inning led off by one of Lucas Thompson's 2 hits on the night (1 double). Ryan Godsey reached base 3x's for PMP, scoring 2 runs. Feece Oil receive solid pitching in their comeback effort with Jarrett Greene recording 8 strikeouts (3 innings), and Jordan Wright struck out 4 batters while pitching 2 scoreless innings. Eli Jacknick led the offense with a double and triple and 3 RBI. Conrad Feece reached base 3 times, scoring 2 runs. Brady Smith had 2 hits, driving in 2 while scoring 2 runs. Ethan Conquest also scored twice following 2 singles.

Ace Builders 8, Bedinger's Bullpen
This was a back and forth game with great pitching and defense by both teams. Hitting for Ace was Seth Aguirre 2-3 with a triple and Logan Markee 2-2. Pitching for Ace was Logan Tyree, Logan Markee and Nolan Watson. Hitting for Bedinger's was Frescura 2-3 with a triple. Cobren and Hall both added doubles. Bedinger, Gestel, Foster and Gritt all added singles. On the mound was Hall, Sullivan, Cobren and Bedinger.

Sunday, April 23rd
DuPree Heating 10, ProServ 10

Game ended in a tie after 6 innings due to time limit. Team Curtis scored 6 runs in the top of the 6th to tie the game and Reagan Curtis held Team Prosise to 0 runs on 0 hits with 2 strikeouts in the bottom of the 6th inning.

Feece Oil Co. 16, Ritchey Orthodontics 7
Brady Smith struck out 7 batters in 3 innings pitched for Feece Oil Co. Ethan Conquest reached base 3 times, scoring 2 runs. Eli Jacknick had 2 singles, driving in 2 runs. Gio Zegar scored twice while also adding an RBI single. Jarrett Greene and Anthony Rodriguez also scored two runs for Feece Oil in the win.

Saturday, April 22nd
Fred C. Dames Funeral Home 17, H&H Roofing 6
Santanna Energy Services 12, The Voyager Group 10
M&M Bank 7, Rockdale Automotive 7

Interstate Batteries 6, Rotary Club 5

Ace Builders 13, Troutman Excavating 12
Ace was down by 5 in the bottom of the 6th inning and battled to the very end to pull out the win. Hitting for Ace was Nolan Watson 3-3 with a triple, Logan Tyree 4-4 with a double, Connor Latta 2-3 with a double, Rylane Kezele 2-3 with a double and Mack Termanis 2-4 with a double. Brady Stout, Seth Aguirre, Chase Musser and John Arambasich all added singles. Tyree, Latta, Stout and Markee pitched the win. Hitting for Troutman was Rodak 2-3 with a triple, Karwat, Sirek, Dyxin, Juvenali, Carr, Echols and Zant.

Bedinger's Bullpen 8, Roberts Farms 7
Anthony Cobren, A.J. Frescura and Lincoln Sullivan all had 2 hits for The Bullpen. Gage Robles, Tyler Gestel and Toronto Kiedrow all added 1 hit. Pitching for The Bullpen were Braiden Bedinger, Lincoln Sullivan, A.J. Frescura and Griffin Hall. Roberts Farm had good day at the plate from Joshua Loizon and Holt. Pitching for Roberts by Sargent, Pharo and Volk.

Friday, April 21st
Walsh Tree Service 10, Channahon Tractor 10

Highland Plumbing 17, Diversified Mgmt 4
The entire team hit for Highland including triples by Marroquin and Larson. For Diversified, Sean Hogan had 2 hits.

Thursday, April 20th
Rotary Club 14, ACE Builders 4
Game Stats: Rotary Club HITS (16): Ty Couch 1, Kevin Bisbee 2, Arian Osmani 1, Hayden Joyce 3, Nick Forillo 3, Nathan Mitchell 2, Emilio Gallardo 1, Caleb King 1, Ricky Korczak 2. ACE Builder HITS (5): Termanis 2, Watson 2, Latta 1. Rotary Club Pitching: Emilio Gallardo 1 Inning 4ER 0K, Nathan Mitchell 2 Innings, 0ER, 4K; and Kevin Bisbee 2 Inning 0 ER 4K.

Santanna Energy Services 13, DuPree Heating 3
For Sanatanna Energy Services, Three pitchers combined for the win allowing only 3 hits. Nathan Clark, Matthew Dolowy, Noah Martinez, and Nick Reunzi each had multiple hits. For DuPree Heating, Vince Curtis, Thomas Pitrowski, and Matthew Rogers each had a single.

Wednesday, April 19th
M&M Bank 13, Diversified Management 3
Interstate Batteries 16, Roberts Farms 6

Walsh Tree Services 10, Troutman Excavating 7
For Walsh - O'Toole, Sample, Boe, Walsh, Kunkel, Von Holten all had hits. Pitching for Walsh - Sample Struck out 6, O'Toole with 2K's and Walsh with 2k's. For Troutman - McReynolds, Sirek, Karwart, Rodak and Dyxin all had hits. Pitching for Troutman - Sirek struck out 5, McReynolds with 5k's and Serra with 3k's.

Tuesday, April 18th
Highland Plumbing 14, H&H Roofing 3
For Highland, Goc pitched relief in the last inning to save the victory. Jones had 2 hits including a double. Burkman tripled. For H&H, Vega had a hit and a walk.

Feece Oil Co. 15, Dock Rotz 19
For Feece Oil, Brady Smith, Elijah Jacknick and Jordan Wright all had 2 hits (including 1 double each), Jarrett Greene drove in 3 runs. Greene, Ethan Conquest, Parker Sukley, Colin Sierra, and Matt Myers (double) each reached base 3 times. Sukley, Conquest, and Anthony Rodriguez all scored two runs.

Wednesday, April 17th
Voyager Group Mean Machine 17, ProServ 16

Grundy Ready Mix 11, Parlay Mortgage 6
Lucas Thompson, Carson Miller, and Cullen Willis each did an outstanding job on the mound for Parlay Mortgage.

Bedinger's Bullpen 12, Channahon Tractor 10
Braiden Bedinger, Anthony Cobren and Toronto Kiedrow all had hits for The Bullpen. The Bullpen had good pitching from A.J. Frescura, Lincoln Sullivan and Griffin Hall. Channahon Tractor were led by Mason Lee, Michael Kuchar, Ben Meller(HR), Garrett Lee and Sean Martin who all had one hit. Pitching for Tractor were Kuchar, Scheidt and G. Lee.

Thursday, April 13th
M&M Bank 12, H&H Roofing 3

Santanna Energy Services 16, Parlay Mortgage 3
For Santanna Energy Services, Four Pitchers Combine a No-Hitter striking out 10. The team was hitting and 9 of the 10 players had hits. Nathan Clark has a double and a Home Run over center field fence. Lucas Simulick and Matthew Dolowy each had two hit. Ricky Swolley, Xavier Damien, and Bret McCarthy each had hits. For Parlay Mortgage, #10 Willis Pitched two strong innings striking out 5. Parlay also took advantage of a couple walks with good base running that allowed them to score.

Bedinger's Bullpen 12, Troutman Excavating 2
Anthony Cobren and A.J. Frescura led the way for The Bullpen with 2 hits each. Braiden Bedinger, Tyler Gestel, Lincoln Sullivan and Griffin Hall all had 1 hit. Pitching for The Bullpen were Bedinger, Frescura and Sullivan. Troutman had a good day from Sirek who had 1 hit. Pitching for Troutman were Rodak, McReynolds and Serra.

Wednesday, April 12th
Voyager Group Mean Machine 11, Diversified Management 10

Rotary Club 11, Walsh Tree Service 5
Game Stats: Rotary Club HITS (14): Ty Couch 1, Kevin Bisbee 2, Arian Osmani 1, Hayden Joyce 3, Nick Forillo 2, Emilio Gallardo 2, Billy Cook 1, Caleb King 1, Marco Caldera 1
Walsh Tree Service HITS (5): Otoole 1, Sample 1, Johnson 1, Kunkel 1, Ghouleh 1
Rotary Club Pitching: Ty Couch 1 Inning, 3ER, 2K; Hayden Joyce 1 Inning, 0ER, 1K; Emilio Gallardo 1 Inning, 1ER, 1K (winning pitcher); Nathan Mitchell 2 Innings, 0ER, 6K; and Kevin Bisbee 1 Inning, 1ER, 0K.

Tuesday, April 11th
Rockdale Automotive 11, Highland Plumbing 6

Channahon Tractor 17, Interstate Battery 5
Tractor had stellar pitching from Kuchar, Scheidt, and G. Lee. They combined for 7 K's and only 2 hits over 4 innings. Tractors bats were also hot. They pounded out 13 hits, with Mason lee and Michael Kuchar leading the way with 3 hits each. Interstate received solid pitching from Hunter Ratliff. Hunter had 4 K's over two innings of work. B Holden and H. Ratliff had 1 hit each for Interstate.

Ace Builders 12, Roberts Farms 2
Ace clinched their first win of the season tonight with a total of 11 hits and solid defense. Hitting for Ace was Logan Tyree 2-2 with a triple, Connor Latta 2-2 with a double, Logan Markee 2-2 with a double and Mack Termanis 1-2 with a double. Brady Stout, Nolan Watson, Seth Aguirre and Rylan Kezele all added singles. Nolan Watson and Logan Markee pitched the win with 4K's each. For Roberts Farms, Noah Pharo had a double and Brody Roberts added a single. Noah Pharo, Evan Schenck, Brody Roberts and Matthew Sergeant pitched with a total of 8K's.

Saturday, April 8th
Diversified Management 10, DuPree Heating 9
M&M Bank 14, ProServ 2
Rotary Club 12, Bedingers Bullpen 2
Voyager Group Mean Machine 23, Fred C. Dames Funeral Home 13

Rockdale Automotive 15, Parley Mortgage 0
Cullen Willis had 2 hits for Parlay Mortgage, with Malachi Downs and Sean Moncrief each adding a hit. Defensively, Carson Miller and Uly Rocha both turned unassisted double plays.

Crest Hill Highland Plumbing 20, Channahon Feece Oil 6
For Highland, Marroquin and Larson pitched the win. Larson had 3 hits. Burkman, Kairis & Marroquin had 2 hits each. For Feese Oil, Wright, Greene & Sierra each had 2 hits. For Feece Oil Co., Brady Smith had 2 hits including a double and 2 RBI. Ethan Conquest and Elijah Jacknick each had 2 hits and an RBI. Jarrett Greene drove in 2 runs.

Santanna Energy Services 16, H&H Roofing 4
For Santanna Energy Services Nicholas Ruenzi, Lucas Simulick, Nathan Clark, and Mattthew Dolowy combined to pitch the win striking out 11. Nathan Clark had a triple and double and Lucas Simulick had a double. Nick Slejza and Nicholas Ruenzi each had a hit. For H&H Roofing Zac Vega Pitched two good innings Striking out 5 and had a hit.

Channahon Tractor 14, Ace Builders 12
This was a thrilling first game. Tractor came back with 6 runs in the bottom half of the fifth to tie the game at 11. Then capped off the come back with a game winning and smile provoking 3-run HR by Michael Kuchar. Ace played excellent defense and had nice starting pitching from L. Tyree. Tyree and Watson scored 3 runs each for ACE. Tractor had some shaky defense but made up for it with solid pitching and hitting. Mason Lee, Hunter Scheidt, Michael Kuchar, and Ben Meller combined for 8 K's. Meller and Lee led the way with 4 K's and 3 K's respectfully. The hitting was a total team effort. Tractor pounded out 14 hits with only 4 K's. 9 of 11 hitters had at least one hit. While, Mason Lee and Michael Kuchar each had 3 hits to lead the way.

Interstate Batteries 10, Troutman Excavating 6
The BASEBALL BATS were on "FIRE" for both teams season opener. Team Interstate Batteries came away with their 1st Victory against Troutman Excavating 10-6. Pitching for Interstate was Maxell White, Hunter Ratliff, Chase Nurczyk, and finishing up with Abraham DeWalt. Troutman Excavating pitched Kyle Rodak and Michael Serra. For Interstate Batteries - Hunter Ratliff walked off the field smiling with 2 doubles and a single, Chase Nurczy had a Double in the1st inning, and Matt Perez had a nice Triple in the 5th with many more hits throughout the innings from the team. For Troutman Excavating the team had several hits made by Logan Sirek, Michael Serra, Nicholas Kobialko, and Gavin McReynolds and many more.

What a way to start the season between these two teams! Close game at the end with good hitting, pitching, and defense. The throughout. Walsh bats were red hot and jumped out early starting with hits from O'Toole (2 hits), Sample (3 hits) , and Boe. Some good early pitching from Sample stifled the Roberts Farms bats. RF finally broke through with hits from Roberts (1b, 2b), Pharo (2 doubles), Volk (3 hits, HR), Kiper (2 hits), Loizon (1b), and Heap (1b). Walsh came charging right back, Led by Walsh (1b), and Ghooleh (1b). These boys on both teams really played well and hit the ball all over. Pitching for Walsh was Sample (2ip,4h,5k's), Boe (1ip, 1h,2k's), Walsh (2ip,4k's). Pitching for Roberts Farms was Volk (1 ip,3k's), Loizon (1ip,1h,2k), Roberts (2ip,0h,3k's), Sergeant (2ip, 2h,2k's). Both of these teams played hard and made the game fun!



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