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Crest Hill Pony Baseball
2270 Crestwood Drive
Crest Hill, IL 60403

League News:

Registration for the 2020 Season is OPEN:

Shetland (Ages: 4, 5 & 6)
Cost: $60

Pinto (Ages: 7 & 8)
Cost: $110

Mustang (Ages: 9 & 10)
Cost: $130

Bronco (Ages: 11 & 12)
Cost: $145

Pony (Ages: 13 & 14)
Cost: $170

$50 deposit and birth certificate
2270 Crestwood Drive in Crest Hill
For More info Call Donna at 815-347-6044


Shetland Rules 2013

1. This is an instructional league, good sportsmanship must be observed and taught.

2. A continuous batting order will be used and will include all players.

3. One inning will consist of the players batting.

4. There will be a 1:15 minute time limit.

5. No score will be kept.

6. All defensive players will be put on the field.

7. Coaches will pitch four (4) pitches before the tee will be used.

8. If a batter is out at the base, he will not remain on the base.

9. A catcher will be used at the backstop. He must wear a helmet and mask.

10. Each team must clean out their dugout after every game.

11. The home team is responsible for putting the bases up after the last game of the day. They go in the lock box by the 3rd base dugout.

12. Each manager/coach is responsible for the conduct of their team and fans. Players should be taught and encouraged to show good sportsmanship towards fellow players, coaches and fans.

13. The winning manager is required to submit a score through the website at www.cresthillbaseball.com.  List player accomplishments with at least one player from opposing team. This is also advertisement for our sponsors, as we need many new sponsors each year.

14. The home team manager is responsible for getting 2 baseballs per game upstairs in the concession stand before each game. Please keep the baseballs for practice.

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