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Crest Hill Pony Baseball
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League News:

2019 Season Sign-ups and Try-outs

Ages: 4, 5 & 6
Cost: $60
Sign up Sept 8 10am-1pm
or Sept 9 1:00-3:00pm

Ages: 7 & 8
Cost: $105
Sign up Sept 8 10am-1pm
or Sept 9 1:00-3:00pm

Ages: 9 & 10
Cost: $125
Sign up Sept 8 10am-1pm
or Sept 9 1:00-3:00pm

Ages: 11 & 12
Cost: $140
Sign up Sept 8 10am-1pm
or Sept 9 1:00-3:00pm

Ages: 13 & 14
Cost: $165
Tryouts Sept 9 1:00-3:00pm

$100 work day fee
$50 deposit & Birth Certificate

More info call Donna 815-347-6044


Pinto Rules

1. This is an instructional league, good sportsmanship must be observed and taught.

2. Pinto play will be governed by the following set of rules in order of precedence:

a. These Pinto rules.
b. Pony Baseball Inc. Pinto league rules.
c. Official Baseball Rules, the Sporting News Edition.

3. Games must start promptly as scheduled. If a team has only eight players, they may borrow the ninth player from one of the other teams or the opposing team. You can borrow up to three players. These players will play the outfield and bat last. (If a team borrows a player and then their ninth player does show up, the player they borrowed will still play since he was asked to play. He will play three innings in the outfield and bat last.) If an injury occurs, you may finish the game with eight players.

4. Each game will consist of six innings. If the score is tied after six innings, one additional inning will be played to break the tie even if past the time limit. If the game is still tied, the tie will be broken the next time the two teams play each other. (We will start the tie game earlier and then go into the next game.)

5. Games will have a two hour time limit.

6. The ten run rule does apply to games after four (4) innings and will be an official game.

7. Games called due to weather or darkness are considered a complete game:

a. If three and one half (3 ˝) innings are complete and the home team has scored more runs than the visiting team.
b. If the visiting team has scored more runs than the home team after four (4) complete innings.

8. Each player will play three (3) innings in the field for nine (9) outs. Players who arrive late may play less than three innings.

9. A continuous batting order will be used and will include all players.

10. All batters, "on deck" batters, base runners & catchers must wear protective head gear.

11. Nine (9) batters or three (3) outs per inning. The inning will be over when:

a. The third out is made.
b. The ninth batter completes his/her turn. The offensive team must announce the ninth batter before he starts to bat.
c. The fifth (5) run is scored. The sixth or seventh innings have unlimited runs.

12. Lead offs are not allowed, nor can they advance past the base they are approaching when the infielder takes possession of the ball within the infield. The only time a player can advance on an overthrow will be at first base. If a overthrow occurs at second or third base the runner must remain at that base. To score from 3rd base, it must be on a batted ball or a run forced in with bases loaded.

13. Stealing will be allowed after the ball crosses the home plate.

14. SLIDE RULE: Players are often injured sliding when not necessary. The purpose of the home plate slide rule is to avoid unnecessary contact at home plate. However, no player can block any base including home plate without having possession of the ball. If in the umpires judgment any player blocks a runners path to any base including home plate, the umpire should call obstruction on the defensive player and the base runner should be awarded the base. If the catcher is holding the ball before the runner reaches home plate, the runner must slide or attempt to go around the catcher. If he runs into the catcher without sliding or attempting to go around, the umpire will call the runner out for unnecessary contact. If in the umpires judgment the contact was intent to cause injury, the player will be ejected from the game. If the ball and the runner arrive at the same time, the runner does not have to slide. The catcher must have possession of the ball before the runner reaches home plate. If there is contact between the catcher and the base runner and the catcher is blocking the plate without having the ball, obstruction should be called on the catcher and the base runner awarded home plate.

15. Pinto pitching rules will be governed by the following set of rules:

a. Two (2) innings per day. Six (6) innings per week. A calendar week is Monday through Sunday.
b. One pitched ball constitutes an inning pitched.
c. Any pitcher removed from the mound cannot return to pitch in that game.
d. No penalty will be enforced for balks. Umpires will be encouraged to call time out and instruct the pitcher how he/she is balking.
e. A manager/coach will be allowed two (2) trips to the mound per inning. The pitcher must be replaced on the third trip.

16. Courtesy runners can be used for pitchers and catchers: (to speed up the game)

a. Must be two (2) outs in the inning.

17. Infield fly rule does not apply.

18. No drop third strike.

19. No bunting will be allowed. Every batter must take a full swing.

20. No intentional walks allowed.

21. Each team may play 10 players in the field by using 4 outfielders.

22. If the bat is thrown over six feet by a batter, the batter and the manager/coach will be given one verbal warning by the umpire. After which the batter is automatically out. Base runners cannot advance.

23. After June 1st, there will be no defensive coaches on the field.

24. Rain outs need to be rescheduled within the same week.

25. The home team is responsible for putting the bases away after the last game of the day.

26. The winning manager is required to submit a score through the website at www.cresthillbaseball.com.  List player accomplishments with at least one player from opposing team.

27. No food is allowed in the dugout. Each team will clean out their dugout after every game.

28. Prior to the season starting you need to practice 3-4 times per week. After the season twice a week.

29. The coaches will be doing the umpiring. They will call balls and strikes from behind the pitchers mound when their team is batting.

30. Each manager/coach is responsible for the conduct of their team and fans. Players should be taught and encouraged to show good sportsmanship towards fellow players, coaches, fans and the umpires. Managers need to help an umpire’s attempt to control a troublesome fan(s)

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