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Crest Hill Pony Baseball
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League News:

2017 Season

Thank you to all who participated in the 2017 Crest Hill Pony Baseball Season!

Upcoming Events:

2018 Season Registration

Need to register for the 2018 Crest Hill Pony Baseball season? Contact Donna at 815-744-4054

  • 4, 5 & 6 year-olds SHETLAND $60
  • 7 & 8 year-olds PINTO $105
  • 9 & 10 year-olds MUSTANG $125
  • 11 & 12 year-olds BRONCO $135
  • 13 & 14 year-olds PONY $155

Pinto Baseball

2017 Season Pinto Teams:

Teams : Manager : Phone :
Priban Builders (CH-1) Danny Sanchez 773-971-2833
Toton's TV (CH-2) Tracy Larson 815-483-8466
Lou Malnati's (W-3) Matt Cooling 815-955-6365
Rental Max (W-4) Steve DiGiovine 815-693-9581
Play It Again Sports (W-5) Jeremy Ernst 815-630-9988
Joliet Town & Country Lanes (W-6) Brian Koehne 630-992-3780
Paul Hollenbeck, CPA (W-7) Scott Lattin 815-708-5636
Screensaver (W-8) Keith Reyes 773-653-0300
The Private Bank (W-9) Eric Schmitz 815-323-3958



June 6th
Toton's TV Highlights: As a team and as individuals, today's game did NOT show all efforts forward. I hope we learned from today's game, that without our best efforts, we will not WIN and YOU will NOT advance in your ability to be a good ball player! I will assume that today's game has given you a better outlook for future games and practices. As always, I am proud of each player in the improvements of their ability since day one! Now, please use that ability to WIN a ball game for our team!

June 5th
Toton's TV took yet another loss against Screensaver, W-8
Highlights include: Gianni Brandalino with 2 RBI's, Noah Perez taking another one in the foot for the team, Emmet McBride with a great strike while at the mound and Blake Larson with a Double and a Single hit. Great effort as always boys!!!!

June 2nd
Toton's TV took another loss to Lou Malnatis, W-3
Highlights: Tommy Kiaris and Blake Larson with RBI's. Hats off to Tyler Jacksa who started us off with the first hit of the game! Tyler Jacksa received a game ball for the most effort and improvement from the beginning of the season. Because of Tyler's effort, our entire team has benefited! Thank you Tyler, keep it up!!!

May 30th
Toton's TV was close to a Win, but took a loss to Rental Max, W-4
Highlights include: Blake Larson, Emmett McBride, Gianni Brandalino, AJ Hartmann and Tyler Jacksa all had hits! Gianni Brandalino, AJ Hartmann and Tommy Kairis all had RBI's. Way to hit the ball boys!!

Toton's TV took another loss to Rental Max, W-4
Highlights: Tommy Kiaris, Gianni Brandalino and AJ Hartman all with RBI's. Emmet McBride, Blake Larson and Tyler Jacksa all with hits. Great effort once again boys!!!

May 22nd
Toton's TV took another loss to Play it Again Sports (W-5)
Highlights include: Brendon Krofta took a hit to the arm for the team. Blake Larson, Tommy Kairis, Jayden Cisco and Gianni Brandalino all with hits. Nathan Perez with a tag out play at 2nd base. Nice job boys!

May 16th
Toton's TV took another loss to W-7, Hollenbeck
Highlights: Emmett McBride had a hit to 1st base resulting in 2 RBI's. Jayden Cisco had a hit to the pitchers mound that resulted in an RBI. Noah Perez took ANOTHER hit to the chest for our team! Noah Perez has chosen NOT to give up at batting even though he has taken some hits! Big thanks to Noah!!!!! Mason Urbasek with a hit to 2nd base and for giving the team his best efforts on the mound in the 3rd inning!

May 13th
Toton's TV with another loss to W-9, The Private Bank
Highlights: Nathan Perez took a shot to the back for the team and then continued to execute with a slide into second base!!!! Way to go Nathan!!! Blake Larson played short stop and made an out at 2nd base. Hats off to Jayden Cisco for making a connection at bat knowing that he is very capable of getting some good hits! Hats off to Tommy Kairis for pitching a great game!!! Great job keeping up as our catcher for 3 innings, Bradley Wojiak.

May 8th
Toton's TV took another loss from W-3, Lou Malnatis
Highlights include: Tommy Kiaris with 2 hits and 2 RBI's! Hats off to AJ Hartman and Tyler Jacksa for fast and proper fielding with quick throws to the infield! Nice hit straight to the pitcher with a great hustle resulting in a safe stance on 1st base! Thank you to Noah Perez who took a hard hit to the chest for the team (walked right on to first base and continued the game for us)!

May 6th
Toton's TV took another loss against W-8, Screensaver
Highlights are as follows: Tommy Kiaris with 2 hits and one RBI
This game was a cold one for the boys! Thank you to all who came out (fans included), and made this game productive for our team! :)

May 2nd
Toton's TV took another loss to W-4, Rental Max
Highlights include: Tommy Kiaris with a hit to left center field that resulted in an RBI, Blake Larson with a double that was deep to center field, hats off to Emmet McBride and Mason Urbasek for catching a great game! Great Effort once again boys!!!!

April 26th
Toton's TV took another loss to W-9, The Private Bank
Highlights include an RBI by Blake Larson, a line drive to right field by Tommy Kiaris, a double to deep left field resulting in another RBI by Gianni Brandalino! Great Game once again boys!!!!!

April 22nd
Toton's TV took another loss to W-5, Play it Again Sports
Highlights include Tommy Kairis pitching 3 strike outs in the 3rd inning as well as a line drive to right field allowing a runner to be in scoring position. Blake Larson hit a double to right field and scored our first run of the game. Emmett McBride hit one down the 1st base line and gave us an RBI. Gianni Brandalino hit a line drive past the pitcher and gave us another RBI. Great effort once again to all of the players! Great Game Boys!!!!

April 20th
Toton's TV took a loss to W-7, Hollenbeck CPA
Highlights include the one and only RBI from Mason Urbasek, Blake Larson Pitched two more innings with 3 Strike Outs in each inning! Great job to all players who kept on Swinging! Practice makes perfect boys!!!

April 17th
Toton's TV took a loss against W-3 (Lou Malnatis). However, Blake Larson pitched 3 strike outs in the 1st AND 2nd inning. Tommy Kairis also pitched 3 strike ours in the 4th inning. Nathan Perez made a fantastic 3rd out with bases loaded at 1st base while not allowing any runs home. Great effort boys!! Thank you all players for a great ball game!

Sunday, April 9th
Toton's TV 5, Priban Builders 5

Toton's TV tied the game opener with 5/5
Highlights of the game begin with Tommy Kairis as hitting a line drive to left field with bases loaded and allowing three runs home. Tommy also pitched 3 strike outs in the 3rd inning. Blake Larson pitched 3 strike outs in the 1st and 2nd inning. AJ Hartman had one RBI. Gianni Brandalino had one RBI. Great Job Boys!!!!!



Please note:  Team listed last on the schedule is the home team. 3rd base dugout is for the home team. The home team with the last game of the day needs to put the bases away.

April 2017

Team listed last on schedule is home team.
3rd base dugout if home team.

CH = Crest Hill
W = Whiteford

5 6 7 8
12:15 9-1 CH
1:00 3-4 W4
1:00 5-6 W5
3:30 7-8 W5
3:15 1-2 CH
5:30 6-7 W4
5:30 8-5 W5
11 12 13
5:30 1-4 W4
5:30 7-9 W5
14 15
16 17
5:30 5-4 W4
5:30 9-6 W5
5:30 3-2 CH
18 19
5:30 7-2 CH
5:30 1-3 W4
5:30 4-8 W5
21 22
1:00 8-9 W4
1:00 2-5 W5
3:30 3-7 W5
1:45 6-1 CH
23 24
5:30 1-8 W4
5:30 9-3 W5
25 26
5:30 9-2 CH
5:30 6-4 W4
5:30 7-5 W5
28  29
1:00 2-4 W4
1:00 6-8 W5
3:30 3-5 W5

May 2017

5:30 1-5 W4
5:30 3-8 W5
2 3
5:30 7-1 CH
5:30 5-9 W4
5:30 4-7 W5
5:30 6-2 CH
5 6
1:00 9-4 W4
1:00 3-6 W5
3:30 1-7 W5
1:45 8-2 CH
7 8
5:30 5-8 W4
5:30 2-3 W5
5:30 4-1 CH
10 11
5:30 9-7 W4
5:30 8-6 W5
12 13
1:00 6-5 W4
1:00 7-4 W5
3:30 2-9 W5
1:45 3-1 CH
14 15
5:30 4-3 W5
5:30 9-8 W4
5:30 2-7 W5
17 18
5:30 1-6 W4
5:30 5-7 W5
19 20
1:00 4-6 W4
1:00 8-3 W5
1:45 5-2 CH
21 22
5:30 6-3 W4
5:30 8-7 W5
5:30 4-2 CH
24 25
5:30 3-9 W5
26 27
28 29 30
5:30 2-4 W4
5:30 5-3 W5
5:30 7-1 CH

June 2017

5:30 8-4 W4
5:30 6-9 W5
5:30 3-2 CH
5:30 1-9 W5
1:00 7-6 W4
1:00 9-5 W5
1:45 8-1 CH
3:30 2-1 CH
5:30 4-9 W4
5:30 2-8 W5
5:30 5-1 CH
6 7
5:30 4-1 CH
5:30 5-6 W4
5:30 7-3 W5
9 10
1:45 2-1 CH
1:00 M1-W3 @ W4
1:00 M2-W4 @ W5
3:30 M3-W5 @ W4
3:30 M4-W6 @ W5
10:00 W7-M5 @ M
12:15 W8-M6 @ M
2:30 W9-M7 @ M
11 12
5:30 2-6 W4
5:30 8-9 W5
13 14
5:30 6-1 CH
5:30 7-5 W4
5:30 4-3 W5
5:30 1-2 CH
1:00 M5-W9 @ W4
1:00 M6-W7 @ W5
3:30 M7-W8 @ W5
10:00 W6-M1 @ M
12:15 W5-M2 @ M
2:30 W4-M3 @ M
4:45 W3-M4 @ M
18 19
5:30 CH
20 21
5:30 CH
22 23
5:30 CH
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